Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I have never eaten the French food before.
I heard someone said,Frence is a Fantistic country where has her own food and art.
I hope to go there because i want to try their food.
May be i can find a French restaurant in everywhere,
but i think that if i do not eat the food in their country,
it is not good.

I have planed to go back to Hong Kong this summer holiday.
Then I will go to a place called"Mong Kok" where has many kinds of food and drinks.
For example:Fish ball,smelly tofu,small pizza,pencake,fried ice-creams and a lot of fun food.
There are a lot of snack shops also.
Its have korean snack,Chinese snack,Japanese snack.
A famous snack shop called"Hui Lau Shan".
When you visit to Hong Kong,you remember to go it.
Every cantonese must know it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Soga Cafe is a Chinese restaurant.
You can eat many kinds of chinese dishes on it,
and the prices are cheap.
It just about au$5 for a lunch.
You can take away or eat in there,
but it is not so big.
i go there have my lunch everyday.
The taste is not bad.
If you get free,go and try it.

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