Thursday, September 04, 2003

Student Eating Habits

The aim ofthis report is to examine students eating habits.The report is based on a sample of 6 Asian students in Perth who are about 16 years old.The report was written on 4th September 2003.

The kinds of food students like
Half of those questioned liked meat compared to one out of five liked vegetables.Most of those who liked meat (near 67per cent)liked beef more than pork.That means students liked meat much more than vegetables and fish.

Students loved fastfood so much
All of the questioned liked eating fastfood.Some of those students(near 34 per cent)said that Fastfood was tastly compared to a lot of students(near 67 per cent)said that fastfood was convirent.A majority of those students(near 90 per cent)have eaten fastfood because it could save the time.Also,three out of six said fastfood was cheap.To sum up,fastfood was famous because it could save a lot of time and it was not expensive.

Eating fastfood or eating at home
A lot of those students(near 84per cent) liked eating fastfood more than eating at home.Half of those questioned thought fastfood was tastly than eating at home.The another half thought fastfood was boring.Two out of five ate more than three times last week.One out of five didn't eat any fastfood last week.As a result,more than half of those students ate fastfood everyweek.

In the whole,lots of students liked eating fastfood because they thought fastfood was tastly and convirent.It can helped them to save the time.This report suggests that people don't eat fastfood so much,because there were not enough vegetables for teenages.It was not good for their bodies.

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